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You are usually not powerless in the case of colorectal most cancers.

Knowing and addressing the approach to life traits that elevate your probabilities of getting colorectal most cancers might give you some safety, in keeping with the American Cancer Society (ACS).

In addition, when you can’t change some colorectal most cancers danger components, it’s nonetheless vital so that you can learn about them and to debate them along with your physician. They might affect when you need to begin colorectal most cancers screening—your easiest safety towards the illness.

Risk components you’ll be able to change
For instance, it’s possible you’ll be extra more likely to get colorectal most cancers if:

You eat lots of purple or processed meats. Think beef, pork, lamb, liver, scorching canine and sandwich meats.
What to do: Make certain your weight loss plan contains loads of fruits, greens and entire grains. Limit or keep away from purple and processed meats.

You don’t train a lot. Sedentary residing has many well being penalties—together with elevated colon most cancers danger.
What to do: Stay energetic. Something so simple as taking common walks might assist.

You’re chubby or overweight. This is particularly true should you’re a person.
What to do: Ask your physician what’s a wholesome weight for you.

You smoke. Your danger is elevated much more should you’ve smoked for a very long time.
What to do: If you’re able to stop, ask your physician about medicines and packages that will enable you to.

Other key danger components you’ll be able to’t change
Certain danger components for colorectal most cancers are past your management. But being conscious of them may also help you perceive your danger and take steps to scale back it.

Your age. Most colorectal cancers are identified after age 50.

Your well being historical past. Your colorectal most cancers danger is greater you probably have had:

  • Polyps (intestinal growths), particularly quite a few giant polyps that present precancerous adjustments.
  • Previous colorectal most cancers.
  • Inflammatory bowel illness, equivalent to Chron’s illness or ulcerative colitis.

Your household’s well being historical past. You are at elevated danger you probably have a first-degree relative who has had colorectal most cancers, polyps or an inherited syndrome equivalent to Lynch syndrome.

Get examined on time
Getting screened for colorectal most cancers might save your life by discovering the illness early or by stopping it earlier than it begins. Several forms of colorectal most cancers screening checks can be found, together with stool checks you’ll be able to take at house.
Your physician may also help you determine when to begin screening (at age 45, until you’re at above-average danger due to your private or household well being historical past) and which check is finest for you.

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