12 Human Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Dog

Hey, there! How is your furry friend? Taking care of your dog is one of the mostfulfilling tasks. As a pet parent, I know the joy we all feelseeing our dogs jump up and down when you say you’ll take them for a walk. The sparkle in their eyes when you say itis playtime is simply precious. But if you want them to be with you for along time, you need to take care of their health. We often hear that you should only be feedingthem dog food. But that’s not true. In today’s video, we will talk about 12human foods that are really good for your dog’s health.

Is bone broth healthy for your dog? What about organ meats? How about carrots and apples? We’ll be talking about all of this AND more… Bone Broth If there’s one thing you should be feedingyour dog, it has to be bone broth. It’s awesome for dogs and offers tremendoushealth benefits. Bone broth is like a healing liquid for them. Here’s why? Bone broth improves your dog’s digestionand heals a ‘leaky gut’. Remember, the majority of diseases like inflammation,allergies and autoimmune disorders start from the gut. Bone broth has gelatin to repair the mucuslining of the gut. This prevents your dog’s gut from leakingtoxins into the bloodstream.

Bone broth is known for its role in detoxingthe liver. It carries minerals, electrolytes and acidsthat put your dog’s liver on detox. Bone broth has powerful anti-inflammatoriesthat reduce inflammation and provide relief from muscle and joint pain. If you want your dog to have strong bonesand muscles, give them bone broth. It even boosts their immunity, supports brainfunction and improves skin health. But the biggest reason you should give thembone broth is that the nutrients are good for them. Bone broth is prepared by simmering bonesfor several days with apple cider vinegar. All the nutrients will slowly break down andbe ready for absorption.

Have you tried giving your dog bone broth? How do you make it? Share your experience with the Bestie communityby dropping a quick comment below. Raw Goat Milk Ew, what’s that? As absurd as this may sound, raw goat milkis really good for your beloved dog. Raw milk in particular contains a lot of nutrients. It has vitamins A, D, K2, healthy fats andamino acids. Raw milk also has probiotics and digestiveenzymes that repair leaky gut and boost skin health. It has minerals and electrolytes which strengthenthe immune system and reduce allergies. But why the special preference to raw goatmilk over cow’s milk? Because it is less allergenic, your dog willbe able to digest it easily. Fat globules in goats milk are smaller andeasier for your dog to absorb. It contains more vitamin A, selenium and zinc. And the best part- Goat milk contains 30 to35% medium chain triglycerides, as compared to cow’s milk, which contains 15 to 20%. MCT’s are healthy fats your dog needs tostay healthy. Always start with smaller amounts and workyour way up.

Carrots Don’t we all love our dog’s soft skin? Well carrots are certainly IN if you wouldlike your dog to have healthy skin. Carrots are an awesome source of vitamin A.They boost your dog’s immunity, promoting skin and coat health. That’s not all… Chewing carrots not only keeps your dog occupied,but is also good for its teeth. It helps remove plaque, which otherwise contributesto your teeth rotting. Just remember to feed them carrots in moderation. They’re good, but excess can lead to VitaminA toxicity, which is dangerous for your dog. Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away for humans. But what about dogs? Apples are healthy, fiber-rich fruits youcan give to your dog. Just remove the pits. They contain a form of cyanide that is dangerousfor your pooch. Apples are a rich source of vitamins A, C,and fiber. Vitamin C boosts immunity, while vitamin Ais an excellent antioxidant that improves skin and coat health. And in case your dog is overweight, applesare a good option to provide nutrition without excess calories.

Just check the apple thoroughly before feedingit to your dog. Rotten apples can cause alcohol poisoningin dogs. Eggs For a long time, eggs were considered baddue to their cholesterol content. Thankfully, things have changed for the betteras more and more studies have pointed out how great they are! Cholesterol in eggs is good cholesterol. They contain amino acids that help build muscle,repair tissues, and strengthen hair. Being rich in calcium, eggs are good for yourdog’s bones and teeth. Biotin and vitamins further make eggs greatfor your pooch’s health. And it would be awesome if you can get organiceggs. Wash them properly, grind the shells and feedthem to your dog. To avoid a digestive upset, feed your doga combination of raw and cooked eggs.

Green Beans Like us, dogs love snacking. And green beans are excellent healthy snacks. They contain vitamins A, C, and K, which boosttheir immunity and healthy blood composition. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting. Then there is iron and magnesium. Iron promotes blood health and magnesium isinvolved in all movements like walking, heart beats and breathing. Just remember to feed green beans alone. Do not get the store bought ones that arefried and contain spices like paprika, onion, garlic and salt. Organ Meats We all know meat is good for dogs. But not all meats are equal. Organ meats and glands are exceptionally goodbecause they are very nutritionally dense. The liver, brain, kidneys and heart are topchoices for healthy organ meats. Your dog gets various vitamins, iron, riboflavin,and zinc from organ meats. The brain meat gives omega 3, vitamin B12,selenium and zinc. Adrenal glands are a good source of vitaminC.

And to get collagen and amino acids, feed your fur baby heart organ meat. They are blood builders. If possible, try to get organic organ meatsfrom pasture-raised animals. Before we move on, here is another video youmight like. Watch and learn more about the 9 foods thatcan seriously hurt your dog. Salmon Feeding salmon to your dog can be a bit expensive. So why not try to give it to them just everynow and then? Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fattyacids, which means your dog gets to have a shiny luscious coat and skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are also excellent foryour dog’s heart health and brain functioning. The combination of omega 3 and low-fat high-proteinmakes salmon excellent for your dog’s immunity and muscles. It also reduces inflammation. Turkey Dogs love the taste of turkey. This is often why you catch your uncle feedingit to them at the table during Thanksgiving dinner. If you have a picky eater, try and enticethem with turkey. Choose the plain kind. It is highly nutritious. In fact, most pet foods list turkey as aningredient on the label. You can ground turkey necks and add them toyour dog’s food.

It will give them plenty of essential fattyacids, proteins and calcium. Chicken Well chicken meat needs no introduction. It is already one of the most common pet foodingredients. It is affordable in comparison to salmon,and provides plenty of nutrients like protein and vitamins, especially vitamin-B. Although commercial pet foods containing chickenclaim to have vitamin-B, this particular vitamin is very fragile. It can be destroyed if the food is left outin the sun, or allowed to get too hot. There are also antioxidants your dog needs. If you’re feeding your dog homemade food,include unseasoned chicken. Do not give them cooked bones, as they havea tendency to get shredded and injure your dog’s intestines. If you are getting commercial dog food, makesure to store them in a clean, dry and cool place. Pumpkin Pumpkin is a low-calorie superfood for yourdog. It contains ample nutrients, vitamins andfiber to keep your dog healthy. It boosts their urinary health, regulatesdigestion and is a natural deworming agent. Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber.

If your dog is overweight, you can give thempumpkins to keep them full for a longer period. Fiber also adds to the bulk of stool, preventingconstipation. And the best part is you can feed them theentire pumpkin. Its seeds have amino acids. The skin contains health-boosting oils. Also, the pulp is delicious! Coconut My dog is crazy about fresh coconut. He wouldn’t even let me drink my coconutwater without giving me sad eyes. Coconut has easily digestible fatty acidsand electrolytes that boost your dog’s health. This tree-fruit is completely non-toxic andhas ample antioxidants that reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Even coconut oil is great for your dog’sskin and health. Some dogs might face a digestive upset ifyou give them too much coconut flesh all at once. Give them coconut in moderation. Do you give your dog any of these healthyfoods? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!